Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most common decoration method for custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other custom apparel products. In screen printing, your custom design is exposed onto a mesh screen, washed, set up on our press then using a squeegee-type blade, the ink is passed through the screen onto the shirt. The ink is then dry cured through a conveyer dryer which raises the temperature of the ink to 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

Screen printing is often referred to as silk screen printing because in the past, silk was the material used on the screen before synthetic mesh screen was created.

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Digital Heat Transfer typically caters to smaller custom orders or orders that involve extremely detailed and colourful artwork. Our digital heat transfer method allows you to have full-colour artwork that features a print so crisp and exact, it looks just like a photograph. In this decoration method, your logo is printed onto a special media which is then weeded, masked and heat-pressed onto the customized garment. There will be a background behind your design, but we will match this as closely as possible to the garment colour or use a white border. The cost of using digital heat transfer doesn’t change based on the number of colours in your customized design, but varies depending on the size of area that needs to be covered.


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Cresting is a great way to customize your sports uniforms and apparel. We can crest any type of sports uniform with logo's and numbers.

Have a specific font in mind for your numbers and letters for your uniforms? Our cresting department can cut any font style of number and letter to fit your needs.

We also customize your licensed NHL & MLB Jerseys!


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