The Grand Experience - Fundraiser Collection

The Grand Experience has been a Lindsay staple for decades. Encompassing half a city block, it's become known to local patrons as the place that has 'something for everyone'. Originally known has the Market Hotel, the building occupied a position of importance in Lindsay’s shopping area in the late 1800’s. The Queens Square was where farmers would display their wares each and every week, with The Grand being a spot for the  travelling merchants and their horses to stay while they were in the Lindsay area. Fast forward to the early 1980’s, when The Grand Experience restaurant was added to the The Grand building, giving Lindsay a popular dining spot to go along with the well known Grand Pub. 

COVID-19 shutdowns hit The Grand Experience, and the restaurant industry hard. The Grand was just starting to slowly recoup some of those losses this summer.

In August 2020, this block of buildings was sold, and The Grand, a 160 year old business, was evicted. The memories made under this roof are invaluable, but the loss of investment by a hardworking business owner is a reality. Business owners in Downtown Lindsay have put this fundraiser together as a support for Charlie McDonald and The Grand, while giving the public a piece of nostalgia so that they may remember The Grand, and all it encompassed to this community.

$12.50 of every tee sold in this collection will be donated to the Grand GoFundMe in support of Charlie McDonald and The Grand.

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